Silver Creek's metal stamping services include both ferrous, non-ferrous metals and also pre-coated materials. Services include bending, coining, forming, blanking, piercing, embossing and drawing. Production and press capabilities range from 95 up to 550 tons with integrated die protection.

Press sizes from 95 to 550 tons

Bed sizes up to 120”

Integrated die protection

Programmable press controls

High and low volume capabilities

Progressive dies

Line dies & secondary stamping

Blanking dies

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Pre-coated materials 

Materials up to 32” wide

Coils up to 20,000 lbs



Depending on your product, we have a wide variety of solutions to best meet your needs.  

MIG welding

TIG welding

Resistance welding

Robotic welding

Lathe welding

Custom & production welding

Metal fabrication



When cost effective, Silver Creek utilizes roll forming as an alternative to metal stamping. Often, formed parts that are linear in nature are more suited to the roll forming process. We have the ability to manufacture custom shapes and cross-sections to meet your specific application.

Lines ranging from 4 to 18 passes

Material thickness handling from .010” to .250” and strip widths from .500” to 10”

Inline processing

Assembly & Kitting

Powder Coating and E-Coating Services

High to low volumes

Pre & post piercing and notching

Simple and complex shapes

Cold Rolled

Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled

Pre-painted Rolled Steel 

Galvanized Rolled Steel


Titanium Alloys


High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA)

Brass, Bronze and Copper



Our processes range from a simple two piece assembly through complex multi-component electro-mechanical assemblies. These complex assemblies consist of hundreds of parts and processes, including electric motors, rack and pinion gears, in-line greasing and computerized testing.

Automatic and semi-automatic assemblies

Customized assembly equipment

Staked, peened, crimped, welded assemblies

Orbital riveting

Greased assemblies

Complex assembly and testing

Class “A” finishes



At Silver Creek Manufacturing, we have the experience and expertise to meet all of your needs.  By providing additional services to our customers, it enables them to streamline their purchasing process, which adds value to their outsourcing needs. 

In-house tool room

Finishes: E-coating, zinc plating, powder coating, auto deposition, phosphate and oil, anodizing, and many other finishes to meet your needs

Logistics: Locally with our own trucks to international delivery

Customer capacity constraints

Vendor managed inventory: Integration into customer databases to monitor and manage inventories


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